In the Animal Rescue Station

We learn responsibility for animals

Do you remember the baby lion wandering around our classrooms some time ago? It was a truly unforgettable experience. Biopark Štít, where the baby lion came from, just welcomed some more lion cubs. Our children could not wait to meet the triplet lion cubs, knowing that to pet one of them was an opportunity that couldn‘t be missed! Biopark Štít is a quite large animal rescue facility, and apart from the lion cubs, we met and learnt about a number of other animals. From guenons and lemurs, through kookaburras and kestrels, to pumas and tortoises, they all share one thing in common: they are rescues being cared for at the biopark. Our students got to see that caring for these animals is much more than pets and cuddles; it is also a lot of hard work including feeding, cleaning, or veterinary care.

Our students spent several days after the trip discussing all that they’d seen and we believe that they took to heart the most important lesson of all: understanding the responsibility that humans have over captive animals. 

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