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Are you considering Montessori education for your child aged 15 months – 12 years?

We are enrolling toddlers to Montessori nursery and children to Montesori kindergarten

If you are curious how Montessori education could help your child thrive, schedule an in-person or virtual tour to visit the International Montessori School of Prague. You will receive a guided tour of our Montessori Toddlers (nursery), Preschool, and Elementary classrooms, meet with school leadership and have all your questions answered.

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Our Toddler Program is exceptional in supporting child development from one to three years old

  • Taught by experienced experts in early childhood education

  • English immersion environment and curriculum, with native speakers

  • Holistic education focused on individual children’s needs

In order to thrive, toddler children need both unconditional parental love and acceptance and systematic developmental opportunities and education. Our Montessori Toddler Program provides a carefully prepared, warm and welcoming environment for children aged fifteen months to three years. Our nursery offers an extensive, structured and balanced curriculum that allows your child to fulfill their earliest potential and build a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

Montessori nursery and childcare in Prague

Our Primary program for young explorers aged three to six

  • Provides a rich social environment

  • Child-led education through immersive, self-correcting activities

  • Lays a strong foundation for literacy upon which later learning will be built

Dr. Montessori observed that children in this stage absorb information nearly effortlessly from their surroundings and experiences. Our Primary Program, designed around this important developmental stage, offers a rich preschool environment where children can learn, explore, touch, and do things by and for themselves in order to exert their ever-growing independence. Experienced teachers provide English curriculum and opportunities for learning, exploration and socialization.

Montessori Preschool Prague

Lower Elementary for excited learners in first to third grade (ages six to nine)

  • Expansive education moving from big-picture understanding to a focus on details

  • Rigorous academics with an approach to learning that instills responsibility, independence, and sense of community

  • Dual English-Czech program with flexible options for non-Czech speakers

Dr. Montessori saw this age as a critical time to inspire children and ignite a lifelong passion for the world around them. Our international and multi-age classroom is an open and rich environment in which teachers guide the children’s exploration of mathematics, language, culture, science, and also social and moral values. The passion for learning is palpable. Students work both individually and in small groups, developing personal academic skills, organization as well as social competences and leadership abilities.

Montessori elementary school in Prague

In Upper Elementary, nine to twelve year old students (fourth to sixth graders) become engaged citizens and dedicated students

  • Strong focus on imagination and abstraction reign in this developmental stage

  • Social and communication skills soar as children cooperate on projects and launch their own research

  • Global awareness and citizenship emerges, including participation in the Montessori Model United Nations

Our students focus on exceptional academics alongside practical skills including self-awareness, organization, self-motivation, active problem solving, innovative and critical thinking and strong communication. Their participation in Montessori Model United Nations (MMUN) helps them to expand their awareness of global citizenship and an understanding of the challenges the world faces. Our Upper Elementary Program gives our students key skills for successful transition into top secondary schools and beyond.

Book a private tour to see our classrooms and meet our team. We are happy to answer your questions about our programs and the Montessori methodology we follow. 

If you are interested in visiting our school, please complete the registration form below. We will contact you to schedule your visit.


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