Students Winter Concert

Our traditional pre-Christmas morning full of singing, dancing, jokes and poems.

Our children practiced for the Winter Concert for a long time. IMSP toddlers also participated in the concert, by means of a wonderful video that opened our Winter show. Primary and elementary children gave a live performance of their shows in the concert hall. The Winter Concert was the best Christmas gift for everyone: parents, grandparents, family friends and the teachers. After wishing a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to each other, we left the theatre filled with joy and happiness.

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Earth Day in IMSP

This year´s Earth Day Celebration was all about bees. Why are they so important for nature, how do they live and how do they serve us? Our children learned all of these facts and much more in several entertaining and educational stations focused on games, reading, presentations and creative projects. So much fun! 

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Earth Day

Do you recycle?

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Prague Family Mini-Maraton

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Mother's Day

Some events don't need any words. All you need is to look at the photos and a feeling of an exceptional moment just arrives. Enjoy a few moments of our Mother´s Day Celebration when mums and children shine with happiness.

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Planting of the Tree of Liberty 1918 – 2018

We are proud to join the “Trees of Liberty 1918 – 2018” project which included planting the Czech national tree - the linden - in our school garden. 

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