Spring Baby & Me Course

Join Baby & Me Montessori Course, an enriching experience designed for both you and your infant from ages 3 months old up to 12 months old. This course is created to help your infant develop and enhance their abilities through songs, books and high–quality Montessori materials, under the guidance of experienced Montessori teacher, Ivana Obradović.

The environment at IMSP includes developmentally appropriate furniture and materials to support your child's budding independence and body movement while ensuring the safety of your child.

Montessori Baby Course Prague invitation

Unsure if this course is suited to you and your infant's needs? Come by for a quick visit at our Mini Open House to look at our newly built Baby & Me room on Monday, May 15th. Explore this unique space with developmentally appropriate furniture and items to promote your child's developing independence and body movement, and have all your questions answered.

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Spring Baby & Me Course

Who: Children aged 3 to 12 months, with their parents

Where: IMSP Baby and Me room, International Montessori School of Prague (IMSP)

When: May 17th - June 21st, 2023, Wednesdays 13:00 - 14:30

Price: CZK 3000 for 6 sessions. Invoicing will be carried out before the course begins.

At IMSP’s Baby and Me you will:

  • Bond with your infant as they explore a wide range of enriching, hands-on materials and get introduced to a Montessori environment.

  • Gain insight from an experienced Montessori teacher and discover how to bring these activities into your own home.

  • Learn techniques that will allow you to make the most of the magical, yet sometimes difficult, infant years.

Infants learn through their senses: 
the scent of mom, the sound of birds,  the sight of dazzling lights, the touch of a blanket. 

Montessori encouraged us to realize this sensory processing with deeper amazement and concentration. 

Infants are capable of learning to be independent. This is evidenced by the rapid development of expressive language and motor skills - from lying down to walking, weeping to speaking, all at their own pace.

Dr. Maria Montessori identified two different early childhood capacities that act in concert with these inherent drives: the absorbent mind and sensitive learning periods, both of which exist at birth but only until the age of six.

The Absorbent Mind

Infants and young children have a time-sensitive "absorbent mind," in which learning is as effortless as it can ever be. Infants, like sponges, absorb knowledge just by existing in their environment. Conscious learning does not begin until about the age of three, and prior to that, we are "unconscious learners." We have no recollection of learning at this period, yet we know it was fundamental.

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