Financial assistance

The International Montessori School of Prague strives to bring together a diverse community of families. Toward this end, we actively seek to keep tuition costs reasonable and to offer financial assistance when appropriate.  We welcome applications for tuition assistance and offer a variety of payment plans.  The allotment for the Financial Assistance Fund is determined each school year based on the IMSP operating budget, government subsidies, and donations.

IMSP considers each family’s financial situation on an individual basis and selections for assistance are determined based on need. Families will be asked to provide documentation of their need in addition to a motivational letter. Please note, IMSP must have a current Student Application or Re-Enrollment Contract on file before the Tuition Scholarship Application and required documentation is submitted.

To apply

  1. Request a Tuition Scholarship Application from the Head of School.
  2. Complete the paperwork and submit it along with all requested documentation and a motivational letter by its due date in mid-March
  3. The Finance Committee will review all applications and make award decisions by April 1st.
  4. The Head of School will inform, in writing, each family of the status of their request and what assistance, if any, has been granted.
  5. Awards are not renewed automatically each year. Families who have received assistance will be invited to apply for the next year.

Families who are awarded financial assistance are required to work a minimum 30 volunteer hours over the course of the school year. These hours may be carried out by either parent in a variety of ways. At the beginning of each school year, the volunteer hours will be discussed and planned with the Head of School.

All scholarship information is to be held strictly confidential by all parties. Scholarships may be revoked for noncompliance with the confidentiality policy.

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