Family Picnic

We were happy to see everyone after the summer

After spending our summer holidays all over the world, we all met in the Dendrological Garden in Průhonice for this relaxed and fun-filled event. Our Family Picnic is one of IMSP’s most popular traditions, featuring beautiful weather, picnic blankets, great picnic food & drinks, live music, a magic show, face painting and a great place for kids to play, run and hide. This year, the highlight of the program was a juggler who – at the end of the show – was joined by our kids and they all juggled together.

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Sports Day

Sports activities should be balanced with really good meals, right?

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Earth Day in IMSP

This year´s Earth Day Celebration was all about bees. Why are they so important for nature, how do they live and how do they serve us? Our children learned all of these facts and much more in several entertaining and educational stations focused on games, reading, presentations and creative projects. So much fun! 

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Join Ms. Misha in creating greeting cards for friends and family - even if you might not be able to visit them this year, these cards can spread some seasonal cheer.

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Elementary and Primary Come Work with Me

„Come Work with Me“ is usually one of our most popular events.

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Winter Concert

The first term is over. Savor a few memories from the amazing performance of our children from our Winter Concert.

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