Winter Intensive Toddler and Me Course

Join us for 5 consecutive days of engaging lessons with your toddler as they explore our Montessori classroom via our Toddler and Me program!

Who: Children aged 15 months to 3 years, with their parents; led by Ms. Ivana Obradović

Where: International Montessori School of Prague (IMSP) – Toddler Classroom

When: The course runs on January 3rd to January 7th, 2022 from 9:30 – 11:00am.

Price: CZK 2000,- for 5 classes (CZK 350,- per lesson and additional CZK 250,- for material fee). Invoicing will be carried out before the course begins.

Montessori Toddler course – nursery, child care, kindergarten, preschool – Prague 4

At IMSP’s Toddler & Me you will:

  • Have fun with your child as they explore a wide range of enriching, hands-on materials
  • Benefit from the guidance of an experienced Montessori teacher and learn how to transfer these activities to your home
  • Learn skills that can help you make the most of the precious, but sometimes challenging, toddler years.

Designed for children ages 15 to 36 months with a parent or caregiver, each Toddler & Me session meets for a 1.5 hour condensed Montessori class. During this time, your child will be free to explore age-appropriate Montessori materials, making his or her own choices from the classroom shelves and work at his or her own pace in a carefully prepared environment and in a peaceful setting with the guidance of a Montessori teacher and you. These materials encourage the development of a toddler’s independence, concentration, confidence, language and fine motor skills, respect for others and a love of learning.

Please note that light snack will be available to the children; parents are also welcomed to bring a snack or light meal for their child to eat during class this time.

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Are you interested in 8 engaging weeks of lessons with your toddler instead? We are also offering a Winter Toddler and Me course!

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