IMSP Podcast: Meet alumna Tara Svobodova

"I would really encourage you to enjoy the time you have at IMSP because it is something I look back fondly to."

Join us as our host, Mariana Bečková, interviews Tara Svobodová on this week’s edition of the IMSP alumni podcast. Tara recounts her experiences at IMSP, her favorite memories from there, and how she handled her transition to a Czech-English Gymnasium. In 2023, she is finishing up her Gymnasium studies and is looking forward to university.

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In Tara’s own words:

“I’m from Prague, I was born here but my mom is originally from Serbia. I’m currently studying at Gymnazium Novy Porg where I transitioned from IMSP after my 5th grade. I studied at IMSP for 8 years. What I remember most fondly was the amount of respect that the teachers had for us, as they treated us as equals which I find really amazing.”

Twenty one years ago, IMSP opened its door for the first time. This podcast series follows Mariana Bečková — IMSP alumna and graduate of the program — as she shines a light on her fellow Montessori graduates. Celebrating our 20th anniversary, we are taking time to reflect with students who have been with us along the way. Tune in and learn more about their experience in the IMSP classroom and what Montessori means for them today.


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