IMSP Joins Roots & Shoots Program in Czechia!

We are thrilled to announce that IMSP has officially joined the Roots & Shoots program in Czechia! This exciting collaboration, led by our dedicated team member, Irena Andělová, marks a significant new chapter in our school’s commitment to nurturing confident, compassionate, and engaged global citizens.

By joining this global movement, our students will have the unique opportunity to actively contribute to making a positive impact in their communities and the world at large. Roots & Shoots, founded by renowned primatologist and anthropologist Dr. Jane Goodall, is a youth-driven program that fosters a sense of responsibility and leadership in young people. It encourages them to identify and address environmental, humanitarian, and conservation issues.

We are excited to collaborate with the Roots & Shoots Global team in the Czech Republic. This collaboration will equip our students with the knowledge and passion necessary to create a sustainable future. Through hands-on projects and community service, our students will learn valuable skills and develop a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of our world.

We are also delighted to announce the opening of our school greenhouse! This significant milestone has been in the making for several years and we are so excited to unveil this new space where our students will learn about plant cultivation, eco-friendly practices, and the importance of nature. The greenhouse will serve as a living classroom, providing our students with invaluable, practical experiences in growing and nurturing plants. 

Roots and Shoots in IMSP Montessori Shool Prague

We look forward to seeing our students take on this challenge with enthusiasm and dedication. Their involvement in Roots & Shoots and work in our greenhouse will not only enrich their educational experience but also empower them to become proactive stewards of the environment and compassionate leaders.

For more information about the Roots & Shoots program, please visit the Roots & Shoots Global website to learn more about Jane Goodall’s inspiring work.

Together, let's inspire our students to make a lasting, positive impact on our world! 

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