Masopust Family Fun Event

Family Fun Events are a favourite in our school community.

One recent event organised was the Czech traditional feast called Masopust, which has been celebrated for more than 9 centuries in Czechia. Masopust cannot be celebrated without masks so we prepared art activities together, along with fun music and good refreshment. The event was attended by parents, grandparents, siblings and friends and we all together created our art. Scabbards, headbands, ornaments, and just masks of all kinds and colors. And then we enjoyed the great carnival! 

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End of Year Performance

Student End of Year Performance for our parents.

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Father´s and Grandfather´s Day

We celebrated Father´s and Grandfather´s Day exactly as dads should: with a proper fire and grilling sausages.

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Planting of the Tree of Liberty 1918 – 2018

We are proud to join the “Trees of Liberty 1918 – 2018” project which included planting the Czech national tree - the linden - in our school garden. 

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Prague Family Mini-Maraton

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Celebrating end of the year with ice cream

With ice cream and a broad grin, we are saying our farewells to the 2018-19 school year!

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