Elementary and Primary Come Work with Me

„Come Work with Me“ is usually one of our most popular events.

For a few hours we open the doors of our classrooms and invite parents of our students to switch the traditional roles - our students become teachers and their parents take on the role of student. During this annual event children cherish the opportunity to show parents their everyday routines, the lessons they are receiving, and how they learn using the Montessori materials. Additionally, it is a very good opportunity to step into the role of a leader. On the other hand, parents enjoy their return to childhood but learning in the Montessori environment tends to be much more exciting for them than what they remember from their school years. They have great opportunity to see the educational system where every new day brings motivation for learning, self-development and self-realization. We enjoy seeing our students and their parents excited about time spent together in the classroom!

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Watch instructions and tutorials prepared by our teachers & create along with us! We’re looking forward to seeing your beautiful crafts! Your IMSP Team

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Join Ms. Misha in creating greeting cards for friends and family - even if you might not be able to visit them this year, these cards can spread some seasonal cheer.

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Earth Day in IMSP

This year´s Earth Day Celebration was all about bees. Why are they so important for nature, how do they live and how do they serve us? Our children learned all of these facts and much more in several entertaining and educational stations focused on games, reading, presentations and creative projects. So much fun! 

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