Montessori Baby & Me Playgroup

Join our Baby & Me Montessori Playgroup, an enriching experience designed for both you and your infant from ages 2 months old up to 12 months old. This playgroup is created to provide you with the initial guidance on how to help your infant develop and enhance their abilities through movement, songs, books, and Montessori materials, under the guidance of an experienced Montessori guide, Ivana Obradović.

Baby and Me - Montessori course for infants with parents

Summer Baby & Me playgroup

Who: Children aged 2 to 12 months, with their parents

Where: IMSP Baby and Me room, International Montessori School of Prague (IMSP)

When: Every Tuesday, May 21st, 28th | June 4th | 11th | 18th | 25th, 11:30 - 13:00

The session lasts one hour, with the option to stay in the environment for up to 1.5 hours.

Price: CZK 3000 for 6 sessions. Invoicing will be carried out before the course begins.

At IMSP’s Baby and Me you will:

  • Learn about your child’s development by understanding their unique identity, and exploring Montessori principles for ages 0 to 3.

  • Have the opportunity to cultivate compassion in your parenting approach as you work to shape yourself  into the parent you aspire to be, and learn how you could use observation as a tool to support your child.

  • Learn how to create a supportive environment and the ways in which communication, approach, and even emotions play an important role in your child’s development.

  • Learn how to bring Montessori ideas into your home by adopting the philosophy to your household.

  • Explore how you can use the “Follow the Child” concept.

Infants learn through their senses and movement:

the scent of mom, the sound of birds and language,  the sight of dazzling lights and the images they see, the touch of a blanket, and the taste of food.

Join us on this wonderful journey of exploration and development! Enrich your caregiving routines by learning about the Montessori approach.

If you are interested to join the Baby & Me playgroup, please register and sign up for your spot below. 

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