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All parents of children attending IMSP are members of the Parent Club (PC). The PC supports the school by facilitating communication among parents, faculty, and the administration, and by organizing educational, social, and fundraising activities.

We encourage all parents to participate in PC activities and contribute time and talent in any area that suits their interests and lifestyle. Parent volunteering is as much part of the IMSP culture as is instilling sense of community in our children.

The PC holds regular meetings and runs a diverse set of activities including Moms' and Dads' Night Out, Book Club or Bake Sales. Participating in the PC is an excellent way for parents to meet other parents, learn more about IMSP, and be involved in their child’s educational experience.


Living Montessori: The Parent Perspective from American Montessori Society

IMSP has many traditions that support our curricula and community spirit. Led by faculty, parents, alumni and friends of the school, our traditions offer a glimpse into the heart of our school. These events and projects illustrate the commitment and effort of the community to support the students above and beyond the ordinary.  Some of these events include:

  • Annual Family Picnic, Mother's Day Tea Party and Father's Day Garden Party
  • Student Concerts and Performances
  • Grandparents’ Day: We invite our students’ grandparents (or another person special to the child) to join our children at school for a morning. It is a special day where the children can share their classroom experience with other members of their family or another special friend.
  • Come Work With Me: A wonderful opportunity for parents to learn more about their child's classroom! The parents become students for a morning as their child leads them in classroom work and presents them with a lesson of his own choosing.
  • Elementary Science Fair: Not to be missed, the IMSP Science Fair is an outstanding showcase of the fine work and learning of our first through sixth grade students. Some students build their own machines, try unique experiments and share their results, while others highlight hours of intense research on the subject of their choice. Students are offered feedback through appraisers, and are able to share their findings during an open house.
  • Scholastic Sales and Book Fairs: Dedicated volunteers of the IMSP Parents' Association team up with Scholastic Books as well as a prominent book vendor to offer an incredible array of reading material for all ages. Students enjoy shopping for their own selections, and parents love stocking up for holiday and summer reading!

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