Raising Boys without Losing Your Mind

Are you considering the specific challenges inherent in raising boys? Do you find yourself losing your temper with them, and are you looking for a more positive, beneficial approach? Do you wonder why boys tend to perform worse at school,  why they won’t sit still or why they fight and interrupt?

We’d like to reassure you that these behaviours don’t mean that you are a bad parent or that there is something wrong with your child.

Join us at our Parent Seminar and learn more about “raising boys without losing your mind”. The workshop will be led by Mgr. Vladislava Bartáková, Ph.D., a renowned psychotherapist, lecturer, and author of the project “Raising Children Without Losing Your Mind”.

Who: All parents are welcome, led by Mgr. Vladislava Bartáková, Ph.D. 

Where: IMSP Multipurpose Room, Hrudičková 2107/16, Praha 4, 14 000

When: Wednesday, October 20th at 16:00 – 19:00

Price: 500kc (free for IMSP parents)

The workshop will be conducted in the Czech language with simultaneous translation to English language.

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Workshop bude probíhat v českém jazyce a bude simultánně překládán do angličtiny. 

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Raising Boys
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