EU Grant information

IMSP Enrolling in an EU Grant Project to Share our Experience in Diversity and Inclusivity Education

IMSP is currently successfully enrolled in a grant project, partially funded by the European Union, entitled Increasing Pro-Inclusivity at the International Montessori School of Prague. The grant focuses on two year-long projects supporting inclusivity and diversity related competences of Primary and Elementary children, and its goal is to enable their eventual realization in other Prague schools through detailed methodology and teacher education. 

IMSP is a highly diverse multicultural environment. Within the Primary and Elementary program, the students represent more than 14 cultures, and the majority of instruction takes place in English, the community's shared language. For students who are not fluent, the school provides support in individual English as a Second Language classes. In a community like ours, it is critical to recognize, respect and celebrate each culture and identity, and actively prevent exclusion or bullying based on racial, religious and cultural differences. The key task of the teacher is to support and develop key competences leading to mutual respect and understanding, regardless of our differences. The teachers must be offered continuing professional development and ongoing education to manage this important aspect of their work. 

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