The Little Panda

If you’re interested in kids activities or events happening in Prague during the coming weekend or through the year, check out the website of our partner -

Little Panda has been created by parents, for parents, living in Prague. It is a public-service initiative which work towards creating a community of families combined with the businesses and organizations that add a positive impact on their lives. Most of all it has a whole lot of useful information for families – places to visit, restaurants, events, activities for kids and even a comprehensive directory!

Looking for a way to keep your child busy during the weekend? Take a look at the events section on the Little Panda website. You will find a list of the coolest child-friendly programs in Prague every week. From arts and craft events to festivals and much more.

For instance, castles are never boring with kids, and a day out is always fun. Check out the Little Panda list of over 500 castles, and pick the one that’s easily accessible to you for a memorable day trip. 

Sign-up on their website to receive relevant information about the great opportunities of raising a child in the Czech Republic. You will receive special promotional offers and discounts for various family/kid-friendly activities in the region, in your inbox each week! 

So have fun this spring with Little Panda!

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April showers bring May flowers... here we are in the blustery, chilly beginnings of Spring. It is a time of much anticipation as the first leaves and flowers appear, but also often much frustration for parents as seemingly endless mud, rain and puddles interfere with outside play.

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It is no surprise to hear parents expressing doubts about a multi-age classroom, and questioning how children of different ages could work together harmoniously in the same environment, and if there are any benefits to this approach. 

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Understanding your child's inner sense of order

Have you ever noticed that your child enjoys singing the same song over and over again, or wants you to repeat the same story for what feels like a million times? Dr. Montessori highlighted the importance of sensitive periods in children, which are known as windows of opportunities for children to develop skills, including movement, language and most definitely, order. A child’s need for external order is present as early as childbirth and peaks in their second year, before fading at about the age of 5. This period of development helps a child to develop a connection between themselves and the world, process information and overcome challenges.

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Cooking With Children can be fun

It is often said that “the family that eats together, stays together”. We would like to suggest taking it a step further – and encourage every family to cook together, too. In Montessori, we know that kitchen work provides a host of benefits to children, all the way from toddlers to adolescents; it is a part of the Practical Life curriculum as soon as children can walk! However, its advantages are in no way tied to the classroom and can be just as easily – if not more so – applied at home.

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