The Little Panda

If you’re interested in kids activities or events happening in Prague during the coming weekend or through the year, check out the website of our partner -

Little Panda has been created by parents, for parents, living in Prague. It is a public-service initiative which work towards creating a community of families combined with the businesses and organizations that add a positive impact on their lives. Most of all it has a whole lot of useful information for families – places to visit, restaurants, events, activities for kids and even a comprehensive directory!

Looking for a way to keep your child busy during the weekend? Take a look at the events section on the Little Panda website. You will find a list of the coolest child-friendly programs in Prague every week. From arts and craft events to festivals and much more.

For instance, castles are never boring with kids, and a day out is always fun. Check out the Little Panda list of over 500 castles, and pick the one that’s easily accessible to you for a memorable day trip. 

Sign-up on their website to receive relevant information about the great opportunities of raising a child in the Czech Republic. You will receive special promotional offers and discounts for various family/kid-friendly activities in the region, in your inbox each week! 

So have fun this spring with Little Panda!

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