Montessori: Education for Life

Save your spot now! Two world-renowned Montessori personalities, Dr. Steve Hughes and Elina Rautasalo are coming to IMSP with their seminar. 

When: Friday, March 16th ,7-9 pm

Where: IMSP Multipurpose room

Price: IMSP parents for free/Other visitors 500 CZK

Register here!

Children are eager to learn. Our role is to create natural settings which support their innate need for learning and guide the educational process for them to reach their fullest potential. Modern research confirms what Maria Montessori discovered more than a century ago through her observations.

“It is natural that younger children learn from the older ones. That´s why splitting them into classrooms on the basis of their age is not efficient,“ says Steve Hughes and Elina Rautasalo. To succeed in the present world, comprehensive personal development is more important than just knowing things.

Take a look at this short video by Steve Hughes discussing this and don´t miss an exceptional opportunity to hear more about this and other Montessori principles from him and Elina Rautasalo!


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