Family Mini Marathon

Congratulations to all our "Marathon" runners!

It has been our long-time tradition to participate in the DM Family Minimarathon so this year, once again, we couldn't miss it. Our team was complete – from our toddlers up to the oldest students collecting medals year by year. Thank you for being with us and spending a wonderful day together! The DM Family Minimarathon is a part of the world event Volkswagen Marathon Prague and we are proud to participate for so many years. 

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Do you recycle?

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Ms. Lisa likes to decorate her home with colourful yarn eggs. Get inspired to make your own - it's an easy technique with beautiful results!

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Easter Virtual Fun Event

The sun is out, Spring is here and Easter is fast approaching! Since we can’t celebrate together, we’re offering the next best thing. 

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Earth Day in IMSP

This year´s Earth Day Celebration was all about bees. Why are they so important for nature, how do they live and how do they serve us? Our children learned all of these facts and much more in several entertaining and educational stations focused on games, reading, presentations and creative projects. So much fun! 

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Did you know that before peat pots and trays were widely available, people used various materials - including eggshells - for sprouting seeds? See how easy it is with Ms. Veronika, and make a sweet Easter decoration at the same time!

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Toddler & Me playgroup
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