Family Mini Marathon

Congratulations to all our "Marathon" runners!

It has been our long-time tradition to participate in the DM Family Minimarathon so this year, once again, we couldn't miss it. Our team was complete – from our toddlers up to the oldest students collecting medals year by year. Thank you for being with us and spending a wonderful day together! The DM Family Minimarathon is a part of the world event Volkswagen Marathon Prague and we are proud to participate for so many years. 

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Earth Day

Do you recycle?

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Winter Concert

The first term is over. Savor a few memories from the amazing performance of our children from our Winter Concert.

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Celebrating end of the year with ice cream

With ice cream and a broad grin, we are saying our farewells to the 2018-19 school year!

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Mother's Day

Some events don't need any words. All you need is to look at the photos and a feeling of an exceptional moment just arrives. Enjoy a few moments of our Mother´s Day Celebration when mums and children shine with happiness.

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End of Year Performance

Student End of Year Performance for our parents.

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