IMSP Services

Child Care

In an effort to accommodate the various and ever-changing needs of the families at IMSP, we offer a number of scheduling options.  Morning Childcare, Afternoon Childcare and Enrichment Classes allow parents to tailor the length of the school day to the needs of their child and family.

Childcare provides a relaxed atmosphere for IMSP students both before and after school.  The Program incorporates key characteristics of a Montessori environment such as freedom of choice, respect for peers and environment, exploration, movement and consistency.

Child care in the Montessori preschool

Childcare offers exposure to materials and activities the child might not otherwise receive in school.  Thus, the program should, and does, differ from the toddler, primary and elementary classrooms.  Offerings include non-Montessori materials and activities such as board and card games, toys and puzzles.  Teachers provide age-appropriate direction in areas such as art, organized games and outside play.

Childcare is completely free  of charge for enrolled students. Families may sign up for one or two hours and as many days as is needed. We also offer drop-in care for emergency situations.  In addition, the Program becomes an all-day program during certain vacation days, on Teacher Workdays and on Conference days so you always have a safe, reliable place to turn for childcare.

Lunch Service

Lunch is an important part of the students’ day at IMSP - and not just for nutrition.  Students at IMSP eat lunch in their own classrooms or in our lunchroom while maintaining the grace and courtesy lessons they have learned during class time.

Our commitment is to ensure our students are being provided healthy, nutritious and enjoyable meals. As such, school lunches are provided by PORG catering. PORG’s canteen is known for providing high quality dishes using fresh ingredients. They are approved by the Czech Ministry of Hygiene and the Ministry of  Education, which oversees preschool licensing.

Parents are given a menu each month with meal choices (a soup, meat entree and vegetarian entree) and ingredient information. In this way, families are able to create a customized menu that best serves their needs. Ordering is very flexible, allowing for just a couple meals a month or daily meals.

Extracurricular Activities

Throughout the school year, IMSP offers a wide variety of after-school extracurricular classes to enhance your child’s learning and tap into their individual areas of interest. Classes are divided by age and category, offering something for everyone. Classes are held on location, and occur directly following the school day, eliminating any additional chauffeuring for our parents.

Our offerings vary depending upon interest and availability but may include: Ballet, Dance, Spanish, Ceramics, Strategic Board Games, Judo, Yoga, Soccer, and more. Each extracurricular session is approximately eight weeks in duration. We have new offerings each session, and offer new sessions three times each school year. Fees vary based on the activities. These classes are a wonderful complement to our curriculum in a format that is easy and manageable for parents.

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