Montessori Parenting from Birth

Are you having a baby or do you have a baby ages 0 – 6 months old? 
Are you wondering how to develop a valuable relationship with your child or how to communicate with them and understand their behaviour? 
Our workshop will give you the answer to all your questions!

When: Saturday, November 10th, 9:00 – 17:00 

Where: International Montessori School of Prague, Hrudičkova 2107/16, prague 11

Price: 2.100 CZK / 10% discount for IMSP parents

Capacity: max. 20 people

Led by AMI trained guides. Workshop is in English

Morning session:

A theoretical foundation which will lay out the most basic Montessori principles and findings in early child development. The seemingly simple information will help you shift your views on early childhood, understand the fundamentals of this period of childhood and support your child in everyday life. We will speak about:

  • Prenatal development and how the unborn child not only forms their body, but also their first sensorial and emotional impressions of the outside world.
  • The particular physical and mental attributes of the infant and how they shape the child's behaviour and needs.
  • The remarkable growth that the newborn undergoes in the first six months of life, the phases and changes they undergo, and how we as parents and caregivers can adapt to offer support and more possibilities .
  • Understanding the abilities and spontaneous activity of the child, and how to respectfully and positively respond to it.

Afternoon session:

A hands-on workshop during which we will create beautiful Montessori mobiles and toys, and will discuss practical matters important to new parents, including how to:

  • Arrange a child´s home space in order to respect their natural and developmental needs.
  • Select appropriate toys, clothing and other items.
  • Utilize simple tips and guidelines to promote bonding with your baby.

Encourage good relationships, positive self-image, confidence and happiness in your child.

To participate, please register here.

Interested in a similar workshop for your older child?  Join us on February 2, 2019 for a Parenting seminar for children from 6 months - 18 months and on April 6th for one focused on children 18 months to 3 years.  

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