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The Elementary Program at IMSP guides students from a Montessori foundation through an innovative curriculum designed to prepare them for transition to secondary school. The program combines rigorous academics with an approach to learning that instills responsibility, independence, and sense of community.

Our Elementary Program is divided into two levels: Lower Elementary (First through Third Grade), and Upper Elementary (Fourth through Sixth Grade).  As students progress through our Elementary Program, they gradually move from concrete to abstract, from fundamental to complex, from distinct to integrated and interrelated. Study materials reflect multiple levels of understanding and students progress at their own pace within the framework of the curriculum. Success - both academic and social - is regularly monitored through a series of benchmarking systems.


Children in the Elementary Czech Program develop all skills in Czech language, communication, stylistics and literature and understand the basic differences among Czech, other European and American cultures in all subjects. Topics are related and addressed in both languages as necessary.

All Elementary students regularly participate in lessons in Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Music and Physical Education. Spanish is available to interested students.

Lower Elementary

Upper Elementary